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Best Prostate  is a dietary supplement.

Why does Best Prostate® have only 3 ingredients?

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Best Prostate® is manufactured in a GMP registered facility. As such each lot number produced is tested after manufacturing and prior to selling. As a GMP registered facility the FDA requires strict protocols for capsule content and label claims. Per Federal law we keep samples of every lot number produced in the event that false claims or fabricated lab reports appear in competitor advertising causing us to pursue legal action (misc. pill reports and alleged review websites including some with paid celebrity endorsements). You the consumer should be aware that we do not and have never sold any Best Prostate® that does not meet the label claims.

In 2018 the FDA has presented new labeling guidelines and as such we contacted the FDA for clarification. As a result you will see a new label for Best Prostate (Oct 2017 - present). The guidelines have caused a change in how Zinc is reported to the consumer. Manufacturers are now required to disclose Zinc content as Elemental Zinc. Elemental Zinc is the amount of Zinc that is bioavailable to the human body and this is used to calculate a more accurate percent daily allowance ( % Daily Value ). Best Prostate used to be manufactured with 15 mg of Zinc Citrate or 4.25 mg of Elemental Zinc. We have increased the amount of Zinc Citrate to 26.6 mg or 7.5 mg of Elemental Zinc. This translates to a 50% Daily Vailue per capsule.

The three ingredients in Best Prostate® have been studied and published in multiple clinical trials that have shown benefit with respect to relieving the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

Best Prostate® was purposefully created without all those other ingredients and fillers primarily due to the fact that all those other ingredients have not been studied in well controlled clinical studies. In addition it was important to consider that 53 million Americans currently take a multi-vitamin and adding additional ingredients may subject individuals who do take a multi-vitamin to ingest unnecessary and very high levels of a respective nutrient or supplement. Best Prostate® allows you to choose a multi-vitamin that is appropriate for you, if you choose to take one.

Another primary concern was prescription medications. The more ingredients that you have in a dietary supplement the more you need to consider possible interactions with prescription medications. This is why it is very important to inform your health care provider when you choose to take a dietary supplement in addition to any prescription medication(s) that he or she has been prescribed.

Best Prostate® is manufactured in the United States using a vegetable capsule. In addition Best Prostate® lists all other ingredients in the supplements facts table. You will note that a lubricant is used and that lubricant is also of "strict vegetable origin". Since Best Prostate® is a capsule it was not necessary to use a binding agent or filler in order to make the product stick together in a tablet or caplet form. Above you see the "Supplement Facts" portion from the label for Best Prostate®.

Initially we produced Best Prostate® with the soybean based Vegapure®. When we discovered that US-sourced beta-sitosterol was pre-dominantly genetically modified (GMO) we ceased production and transitioned to Vegapure® FTE (non-GMO) however still soybean based. Our competitors claim that we have never procured or used the Vegapure® FTE product line from Cognis. This allegation is a lie and untrue. Cognis actually contacted our competitor with a Cease and Desist letter dated November 5, 2009 due to flagrant violation of their trademark(s) and claims. We learned that the Vegapure® FTE had to be imported from Germany due to the fact that most soybean products produced in the US were genetically modified. Despite this fact we felt that the benefit of a non-GMO product was in our customers best interest and we imported this product. Recognizing that men preferred a non-soy based product we again improved Best Prostate® by transitioning to Vegapure® 867 G (non-GMO) derived from Pine trees. Despite increased raw material and production costs with each transition we have not passed these costs onto our customers. The decision rests with you the consumer a soy-based beta-sitosterol that is genetically modified or Best Prostate®.

Best Prostate® is original and was the first to offer a non-GMO, SOY-free, pine sourced beta-sitosterol prostate formula.

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Attention: Best Prostate® is one of the only prostate supplement formulas that actually tell you the source of our beta-sitosterol. It is your right to know and you should ask other manufacturers who they source for beta-sitosterol. As mentioned in the F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) tab. Almost all other beta-sitosterols have a maximum beta-sitosterol content of 55. We currently use Vegapure a branded beta-sitosterol. We encourage you to ask other prostate formula manfacturers about the source of beta-sitosterol being used in there product.

You may notice that we have changed our % daily value of Selenium from DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes), established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, 1997-2001, which replace previous RDAs, to RDI (Reference Daily Intake), which is the value established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The RDI was based initially on the highest 1968 Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each nutrient, to assure that needs were met for all age groups. The % daily value was changed from 50% to 21.4% The 15 mcg Selenium content in Best Prostate has not changed in any way.

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